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Our furniture pieces


We have new pieces of furniture arriving on a daily basis! We are always on the hunt for the next piece to add to our collection of stocked for sale pieces! From dressers to buffets, we offer a wide selection of furnishing!

We are frequently asked if we will paint your furniture...of course the answer is YES! Ask us for a quote! 


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French country


Farmhouse candles


We are in love with our candles! They will burn for weeks and they smell amazing! Also comes in melts for your warmers!

Scents do vary on the season! 

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Tumble Weed Texas T-shirts


Show your Texas pride with our soft comfy T‘s!

 These are unisex 



We carry a wide variety of Rae Dunn! From Large Letter Mugs to serving platter!


Hill Farm’s Goat Milk Soap


also available on ETSY!!! 

Did you know that Goat’s milk has a PH that is incredibly close to our own and it has SO many good vitamins that are beneficial for our skin!  On top of the GOOD stuff I would also like to share with you the negatives of supermarket soap because I really had no clue until I started researching.

Supermarket Soap contains synthetic ingredients and cancer-causing silent killers. From hormone disrupting phthalates and poisonous triclosan to heavy metals and toxic surfactants, these soaps are what we are putting on BIGGEST organ (our skin) at least several times a week for our entire life.  😳 Sodium laurel sulfate and sodium laureth are chemicals that are found in commercially produced soap, and these toxins cannot be removed from the liver. They are stored in tissues and promote toxicity for a person’s entire lifetime. These chemical soaps, cheaper because they are mass produced, are popular because of the price. Are they worth the negative long term effects? 

Our Hill Farm’s Goat Milk Soap contains milk fresh from our goats here on the farm which is full of alpha hydroxy acids and vitamins D, C, B1, B6, B12 and E.  Alpha Hydroxy acids keep your skin youthful as they breakdown dead skin cells and remove the dead skin from the surface, leaving behind new cells on the service that appear more youthful and smooth. All of the other great vitamins listed feed the skin and are absorbed into our bodies.

Goats milk has an anti-inflammatory property. Due to its fat molecule content, the cream present and goats milk is an excellent moisturizer which possesses and anti-inflammatory effect. 

 Goats milk is effective for treating many skin conditions such Psoriasis, Eczema, Rosacea as well as acne and dry skin. This is because goats milk has an antibacterial property which delays the growth of microbial organisms that boost the spread of acne.

-Hill Farm